Climate Change & Conservation 

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Noteworthy & Educational Films on DVD about Climate Change and Conservation

FYI, there's a lot of filmed reference information about the state of the planet and conservation, especially energy, and how to help!
David Attenborough's State of the PlanetThree-part BBC program on climate change and species extinction: Is there a crisis? Why is there a crisis? The future of life
Dirt! The MovieOur connection to the soil, and people trying to save the world's soil from chemical and other degradation
Flow: For Love of WaterThe global water crisis of dwindling global water supplies, privatization and pollution
Food, Inc.Dissection of corporate agribusiness's meat and corn operations
OceansFrench film discussing the state, of and prospects for, the oceans
IngredientsDocuments the growth in local or regional farms, farmers markets, etc. supplying their communities with sustainably grown, natural, organic food
Last Call at the OasisTracks the alarming decline in clean water worldwide
TappedCritiques bottled water and the bottle pollution worldwide
ThirstThe spread of global privatization of public water resources and its effect on populations worldwide
TrashedJeremy Irons relates the growing crisis of the mountains of toxic and other waste, esp. plastic; its accumulation in the world's organisms, and the need for safe disposal
Chasing IcePhotographer documents decline and death of the world's oldest and largest glaciers