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Last updated: May 28, 2023
Last updated: May 28, 2023
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Personal Links: Culture, Conservation, Honeybees, Dining, Martial Arts, etc.

Culture: Films and Books Miscellany Aikido & Other Martial Arts
  • The Film Movement : Monthly DVD subscription site

  • First Run Features : Foreign and Independent films

  • Criterion Collection : High-quality films on high-quality media

  • IMDB : Comprehensive archive of films, TV shows, etc. and affiliated personnel

  • IMSLP : Petrucci Music Library Public Domain Music: Library of scores, recordings, etc.

  • Facets : World cinema rentals of DVDs and rare VHS videotapes

  • Netflix : Needs no introduction: mass market DVD + streaming rentals

  • The Complete Review : Literary Saloon and Book Reviews

  • The Gutenberg Project : Digitized books in PDF, DVD, CD, HTML formats

  • BookBuyers : Bookstore for used books, DVDs, videotapes, etc. in Gilroy and Monterey, CA, and Hawaii

  • Online Japanese Language Learning Tools : Two-way Japanese<=>English dictionary of 1,200 commonly used words, categorized by part of speech ( transitive and intransitive verbs, adjectives, adverbs, particles, etc.). Conjugation patterns of every verb and ~i adjective, etc., other learning tools used in our Japanese language & culture programs

  • Peninsula Eateries : Our favorite restaurants on the SF Peninsula, primarily the lighter foods of Asia and Africa

  • Honeybee Hosting : Helping to restore honeybee populations, threatened by CCD, viruses and other dangers, on the SF Peninsula

  • Conservation : Tackle global warming at home and in our communities, by altering our wasteful (over)consumption habits, esp. energy: with PV Solar Electric and Hot Water, Rainwater Harvesting, Home Electrification, Water Filtering for domestic use, etc.

  • Akoma Arts: African Drumming, Dance and Visual Arts : Multi-ethnic group of musicians building community through African American music

  • Society of Young Inklings : Teach aspiring child, mainly elementary school-age, authors to develop and improve their writing skills and creative thinking through game-based principles and applications

  • Miscellaneous Educational and Cultural Links : Information on climate change, conservation, alternative education, hosting honeybees and DVDs

  • Sierra Aikido : Our 501(c)3 Nonprofit Aikido dojo for community service and outreach programs

  • Palo Alto Ninjutsu, Mountain View : Sierra Aikido Guest Program

  • Pacific Martial Arts Shitoryu Karate, Mountain View : Sierra Aikido Guest Program

  • Aikido Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale : SF Peninsula Aikido dojo, Iwama-ryu, Aikikai

  • Aikido Center, Mountain View : SF Peninsula Aikido dojo, member of PAF ( below ), Aikikai

  • Pacific Aikido Federation ( PAF ) : SF Bay Area Aikido Federation, Aikikai