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    Patterns and Dialogues:

    Note: Syntax: [ (The) rules for ] building sentences, such as sentence structure, word order in a sentence.
    Pattern Practices Posted Dialogues
    [ 1 ] 3 Sentence and Verb Types Model for ALL types of sentences (stories, conversations ), transitive and intransitive verbs
    [ 2 ] Standard Phrases Idioms for greetings, apologies, mealtimes
    [ 3 ] Basic Sentences Syntax for simple questions and answers
    [ 4 ] Interrogatives Using interrogatives: where, what, which, who, how, when, why
    [ 5 ] Questions Syntax Word order for asking questions
    [ 6 ] Demonstrative Pronouns Using demonstrative pronouns to answer where, what, which, who, how, when, why
    [ 7 ] Verbs: Be and To have Syntax and conjugations for being or having
    [ 8 ] Verbs: All Others Conjugations for a sampling of verbs of doing or motion, [ other than to be (desu, iru, aru) ]
    [ 9 ] Verb Conjugations Verb conjugation patterns for both masu tai and short or abrupt forms
    [ 10 ] Adjectives Adjectives and modifiers
    [ 11 ] Adjective Conjugations Conjugation patterns for adjectives and modifiers
    [ 12 ] Numbers and Counting Numbers, counting and counters
    [ 13 ] Dates of Our Lives Days of the week, months of the year, date-related questions
    [ 14 ] Going Out Syntax for short sample dialogues for eating out in Japan
    [ 15 ] Shopping Syntax for short sample dialogues for shopping in Japan
    [ 16 ] Hiragana Syllabary Japanese verbal sounds, their "alphabet"
    [ 17 ] Katakana Syllabary Japanese "alphabet" for imported words, names and other "non_Japanese" words
  • Who are You
  • Mutual introductions: Who are you?
  • Going Somewhere
  • Going somewhere, such as school
  • Where is What
  • Being in a place or something existing
  • Eating Out
  • Deciding to eat out together and selecting an ethnic restaurant
  • Going to School
  • Q and A about going to school and returning home
  • About Japan
  • Japan's population and geographic data
  • At a friend's house
  • Visit your friend, admire the baby, eat some (Japanese) cakes
  • Where in the world
  • Distances between Japan and U.S. West Coast, China, Korea, etc.

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