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Hiragana Romaji English
   ふべん fuben inconvenience
   ふだん fudan normal, regular, usual
   ふきん fukin neighborhood, vicinity
   ふん fun minute (clock)
   ふね fune ship, boat
   ふれる fureru feel, touch [s.t.], come in contact with
   ふりがな furigana Reduced-size kana next to complex kanji compounds to indicate pronunciation
   ふる furu fall (rain, snow), wave
   ふるい furui old (but not of people's age)
   ふたり futari two persons
   ふたたび futatabi twice
   ふたつ futatsu two
   ふとい futoi fat, thick
   ふとる futoru fatten, gain weight
   ふつう futsuu usual