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Aikido for Education and Underserved Groups

Sierra Aikido is a nonprofit California 501(c)3 Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to delivering Aikido as a community service on the San Francisco Peninsula. Applying a holistic approach to education and wellness, Sierra offers regular Aikido training, workshops, special courses and cross-training jointly with educational organizations for underserved groups, other nonprofits, government agencies, and education and health professionals.

Sierra Aikido is particularly interested in jointly growing self-directed Aikido programs with other, like-minded nonprofits in the education and wellness areas.

About Aikido

Aikido, a Japanese martial art, controls a physical encounter from the beginning through timing and motion, rather than by subduing an opponent by sheer force or speed. Unlike most other martial arts, training is always cooperative, never combative or competitive. - More about Sierra Aikido

Who Can Do Aikido

Aikido is for everyone. All over the world ordinary people ages 7 to 70+, regardless of physical ability, practice Aikido. Anyone can learn to do Aikido well with consistent support. You don't have to be athletic or experienced in any martial art. There's no need to "get in shape" first. Anyone ready to do moderate, aerobic, weight-bearing exercise can begin training at his or her own pace.

Benefits of Aikido: Education & Personal Development

  • Self-confidence, self-esteem
  • Win/win interactions, mutual respect
  • Passion and skills for lifelong, self-motivated learning
  • Leadership, initiative
  • Teamwork, responsibility
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Problem solving skills
  • Being mentored and mentoring others
  • Transferable skills to sports, academics, fine arts
  • Learning across generations, ages, genders, skill levels
  • Appreciation for other cultures and diversity
  • Responsibility to the local community
  • Global perspective
  • Aikido Programs

    1. Ongoing Classes, with potential overlap between the two categories:

    • Student Programs @ Sierra Aikido Locations ( Public Access )

      • Students train together with other Sierra Aikido members, as individual referrals or in school groups, but are taught and rated according to criteria separately developed on behalf of the partner entity.

      • Here we also operate our "train the trainers" programs where we teach members or staff of member institutions for eventual self-sustaining, self-managed programs at their respective organizations, with Sierra's ongoing support.

    • Aikido @ School or Club Premises - Elementary through High School ( Restricted Access )
      Curricula may be entirely designed and operated, or managed, by Sierra Aikido's senior instructors, but operated by school instructors trained by Sierra Aikido.

    2. Program Services & Special Events

    • "Train the Trainers", which aims to develop and implement self-sustaining, self-directed programs to be offered at a partner's location, with Sierra's ongoing support.

    • Special events include cross- or special training, demonstrations, etc., among others.

      Each program is tailored to fit both the partner institution and each individual participant.

    3. Teaching Internships & Community Service (Teen, University Students and Adults)

    • Students earn community service credit and by teaching in our outreach programs.

    • Adults work toward Sierra teacher certification or become trained volunteers for community programs.

    4. Research Opportunities

    University students and professionals observe and participate directly in one or more of our programs to conduct research in their fields of work or study. Research areas may include psychology, education, youth development, adapted physical education, human biology, and kinesthiology.
    Feel free to inquire for information, or to explore a collaborative program for your organization. Or, contact Sierra Aikido as well if you're affiliated ( parent, employee, member, etc. ) with one of our partner organizations.
    Questions, or more information? Contact Sierra Aikido
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