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Spilling Ink: Writing Adventure Stories

Do you ever wonder how some authors make it so hard for you to put their books down? In Page-Turning Plots, we will help you become one of those authors! Using selected steps from the classic Hero’s Journey, writers will create a story with a delicious, edge-of-your-seat plot that is sure to have readers begging for more.

Class Description:

Play your way to the page! Society of Young Inklings’ unique methodology uses active improvisational games to inspire young writers in the creation of original stories.

Over the course of this workshop, we will explore the essential elements of story: character, setting, plot, beginnings, endings, conflict, word choice and sensory description. Each creative writing class is designed to inspire and challenge young writers based on their unique needs and skill level. Group instruction during each session deepens students understanding of story development. During writing time, instructors circulate to individualize the learning process for each student. Each young writer receives a workbook and journal. Writers will have an opportunity to share their masterpieces with family and friends on the last day of class.

Terms & Conditions

  • Class Size: 6 minimum, 12 maximum

  • Student Ages: 8-12

  • Duration: September 18th through December 11th ( 13 weeks )

  • Instructor: Kelly Smith

  • Price: $350

  • Location: Sierra Aikido ( 2134 Old Middlefield Way Suite B, Mountain View, CA 94043 )

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8-12 Mondays, 12:05-1:05 pm

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