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The Japanese Sword and Swordsmanship ( Some Sources, in English unless specified )

Title Description Notes
Swordmaking and Sword Appreciation
  • John M. Yumoto, The Samurai Sword, Charles E. Tuttle
  • Classic English-language handbook of the sword and its parts, intended for collectors 185-page book
  • Inami Hakushi, Nippon-To, The Samurai Sword, Japan Sword Company, Tokyo
  • Nomenclature, forging, analysis of swordblades and accessories, lists of famous swords, swordsmiths and their home provinces, intended for collectors 222-page book, probably out of print
  • The Art of the Japanese Sword ( Nihonto no Kokoro to Takumi(日本刀の心と巧み) )
  • DVD of Japanese swordsmiths forging a Japanese sword in the traditional way. Subtitled Japanese interviews with English narration 32-minute DVD, available from Empty Mind Films
  • NOVA, Secrets of the Samurai Sword
  • DVD of Japanese swordsmiths making a traditional sword One-hour DVD, originally broadcast on PBS, available from NetFlix
  • Reclaiming the Blade
  • 2008 documentary tracks the history of the sword, primarily European swords, but briefly touches on Asian swords. Streaming and DVD, approximately 77 minutes, available from NetFlix
    Japanese Swordsmanship ( Iaido )
  • Iaido, from Wikipedia
  • Good short overview of Iaido: Its aims, history and evolution, modern and traditional schools one ( html ) page
  • Gordon Warner & Donn Draeger, Japanese Swordsmanship, Weatherhill
  • History of Japanese sword and swordsmanship, ethics, and 12 seiteigata (制定形)techniques by a committee of sword school heads for the ZNKR (全日本剣道連盟 - "All-Japan Kendo Federation" ), created to foster the tradition, philosophy and mental focus of the traditional sword arts. 300-page book
  • Don J. Zier, Japanese Sword Drawing, Unique Publications, 2000
  • English-language Manual of Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido(夢想神伝流). The book focuses on Iai practices and procedures of the shoden, chuden, & okuden(初伝、中伝、奧伝), with step-by-step techniques with photographs. Includes KNR seiteigata and All-Japan Iaido Federation (ZNIR) required examination techniques 300-page book
  • William de Lange and Akita Moriji Sensei, Iaido: History, Teachings and Practice of Japanese Swordsmanship, Weatherhill
  • History of Japanese sword and traditional swordsmanship and ethics. Discusses and demonstrates the techniques of the traditional Shinkage Ryu(新影流) sword school, with emphasis more on iaijutsu(居合術), i.e. technique, rather than to the more modern iaido(居合道), i.e. philosophy and mental focus. 150-page book
  • 山蔦重吉、夢想神伝流居合道、愛隆堂
  • Japanese-language Manual of Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido(夢想神伝流), by Shigeyoshi Yamatsuta, Iaido 9th Dan & Hanshi (範士), Kendo Hanshi. The book includes a short historical overview of Iaido. The shoden, chuden, & okuden(初伝、中伝、奧伝) step-by-step techniques are documented with photographs 250-page book, published by Airyudo, Tokyo, Japan
  • Mitsugi Saotome, The Sword of Aikido, Aikido Today Magazine
  • Demonstration of sword and bokken ( wooden sword ) movements and Aikido VHS tape, 50 minutes (may be available on DVD by now )
  • Masayuki Shimabukuro & Leonard J. Pellman, Flashing Steel: Mastering Eishin-Ryu Swordsmanship
  • Manual of Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu Iaido(夢想直伝栄進流), including a short history of Iaido. The techniques are illustrated with photographs 338-page book includes sequence of tachiai paired sword practice and tameshigiri
  • Nicholas Suino, The Art of Japanese Swordsmanship
  • Manual of Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu Iaido(夢想直伝栄進流), including a short history of Iaido. The techniques are illustrated by drawings of stick figures 250-page book
    The Samurai and Japanese Culture
  • Daimyo
  • Overview of artistic components of Japanese warrior culture, including a short demo of two-person sword practice culture Half-hour VHS from National Gallery of Art in Washington DC
  • Samurai: The Last Warrior
  • 2004 documentary examines the legend of the samurai, interesting information but the visuals are mostly archival and derivative, such as scenes from Kurosawa samurai films, such as Yojimbo, (Tsubaki) Sanjuro, Seven Samurai Streaming, approximately one hour, available from NetFlix.