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Team Teaching and Individual Attention Both chief instructors circulate, giving help and encouragement, among the students during every class. With continual individual attention and consistent support students learn the stable stance, correct posture, and good body alignment needed to execute Aikido throws effectively from the start. The practice shown in this clip teaches students to sense and use their partners' speed and momentum to throw them back and forth across the room. At the same time the students practice attacking on balance and taking safe, smooth falls. Julie is training with two of the students, helping one beginner with her stance and alignment and ensuring that both clearly feel the rhythm and direction of the throw.

The chief instructors regularly take falls and throw students, teaching with both the body and words. In this way the instructors also build personal trust with the students so that they can relax, be themselves and get the most out of every session. With immediate questions and feedback from the students the instructors know what works or not, and what to emphasize in future classes, within the overall structure of the curriculum.

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"Free Style" Demonstration Frits and two young but experienced students demonstrate a free style exercise. Typically, the class practices two or three techniques, one at a time, to learn the forms and train the body to internalize the movements for each throw. Next, students gradually learn to execute any of those throws in random order, with one or more partners attacking. Working at their own skill levels, students learn to sense each other's movements in a more complex, dynamic situation.

Ukemi ( attacking on balance and taking safe, smooth falls) is challenging, and just as important as throwing. Continuous practice over time accustoms the attacking partners to the rhythm and coordination of coming in, sensing the direction of the throw, stretching out, and falling comfortably. Students regularly do footwork practice to develop the agility to move quickly in any direction for both throwing and falling,

As they become ready, Students of various levels help the instructors demonstrate for the class as their skill improves. This is great practice, and allows other students to “see themselves”, as well as observe more senior students and instructors.

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