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Welcome to Sierra Aikido

Welcome to the website of Sierra Aikido. Sierra Aikido is a California nonprofit ( 501(c)3 ) public benefit corporation dedicated to providing fitness, work / life balance and intercultural awareness through Aikido.

Key Elements of Our Programs

Sierra Aikido has a friendly, supportive and enjoyable training environment for people of all ages and physical abilities. Our goal is to help our students to reach high yet attainable standards in Aikido. We offer:

Sierra's instructors are committed to working one-on-one with students to track personal progress toward course objectives, and to meet personal needs and goals. With consistent support anyone can do Aikido well.

Dojo Panorama

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How to Sign Up

Sierra Aikido offers adults two ways to start Aikido:

Both options entitle any member to train freely at either location at any scheduled time.

You can sign up for Aikido lessons at the dojo location:

Your membership only takes effect from the day you first start training.

Principals and Instructors

Sierra Aikido is managed and operated by senior practitioners of Aikido. Both trained and taught at a dojo in Mountain View, since 1993, until Sierra Aikido became a fulltime commitment as a nonprofit ( 501(c)3 ) community benefit organization in February, 2007.

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