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The First Exam

Throwing Aikido Basics Dynamic Interactions
Required Throws off Katate Tori
  • Shiho Nage (Ura)
  • Sumi Otoshi (Omote and Ura)
  • Tenkan Wave Kokyu Nage
See Fundamentals for 1st Examination
Throw several ukes in a line: Maintain zanshin (focus, follow through) and the standard one-step-away ma'ai (distance) between throws.
Optional Throws: Student selects 1 to 3, depending on the age group. Ukemi
See Fundamentals for 1st Examination .
Throw one uke repeatedly: Maintain zanshin and manage a wider, more varied ma'ai between throws.

Quality of Movement & Form [ At a level appropriate to age and rank ] Personal Development
Kamae - Stance Muscle Memory Self-directed Training
Posture Leverage Etiquette, Safety
Sabaki - Body Alignment Kiai - Energy Throwing and Falling Teamwork
Metsuke - Eyeline Agility Supporting Others' Training
Ma'ai - Managing Space Rhythm and Clarity Senpai Skills - Coaching, Teaching
Zanshin - Focus, Follow Through Blending with a Partner's Movements Leadership [ Middle and High School ]
Flow between Throws and Falls Pacing Initiative [ Middle and High School ]

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