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Climate Change & Conservation
  • Climate Change & Conservation
  • Actions that we have taken ( to stimulate ideas for what Anyone Can Do! ) to reduce our energy (over)consumption in the areas of:
    • Solar electricity, solar water and house heating
    • Rainwater harvesting, water purification and potable water
    • Hosting beehives to strengthen honeybee populations and combat Colony Collapse Disorder ( CCD ); and, maintain and improve the bees' cross-pollination of our fruits, vegetables and grains;
    • Landscaping with wood chips, shrubs and trees; reduced runoff and improved drainage
  • Hosting Honeybees
  • Subset of topic "Climate Change and Conservation":Strategies and potential actions to help combat the sharp decline in honey-(bumble, and other) bee populations from Colony Collapse Disorder ( CCD ) worldwide.
  • Noteworthy & Educational Films on DVD
  • Above-average informative & instructive films [ All available from DVD & Streaming rental services ] about:
    • State of planet Earth
    • Water & its privatization
    • Soil depletion
    • Bees, the essential cross-pollination of fruits, vegetables, etc. & colony collapse disorder ( CCD ), including, from intro to advanced:
      • Vanishing of the Bees [ comprehensive & professional ]
      • More than Honey [ Swiss, with subtitles or voiceover, re bee conditions in U.S., Switzerland, Australia and China ]
      • Tales from the Hive: NOVA [ Solid introduction and overview ]
      • Nature: Silence of the Bees [ Reports on scientists' research on CCD ]
      • Queen of the Sun [ Emphasizes spiritual links of humans with bees ]
    • Social Issues, Education and Philanthropy
      • A Small Act - The Hilde Back Education Foundation's efforts to increase access to middle/high school education for children in poverty-stricken rural Kenya
      • Escape Fire describes the fight to rescue American health care
    Culture & Education
  • Desert Island Potpourri: Films & Books
  • 3,000+ films in all categories that we have seen, and believe worth seeing at least once or more ( Note: We have not censored any for subject matter ( no porn!), language, etc. View at your own discretion! Also, a library of fiction and nonfiction books across a spectrum of fields ( Anthropology, archaeology, other science, economy & society, natural history & travel, etc. )
  • Notable Films about Music on DVD:
  • About, but not only performances of, music and musicians:

  • Claudio Abbado: Hearing the Silence: Abbado and others on music and conducting
  • House of Magical Sounds: Animated musical interpretation of Claudio Abbado's book on his musical background
  • Jazz on a Summer's Day: Vibrant snapshot of West Coast jazz at the Monterey Jazz Festival
  • Note by Note: The Making of the Steinway: The step-by-step construction of a piano by hand, from tree to the finished product
  • Tocar y Luchar: Venezuelan national project to foster children & youth orchestras and choirs in every town and city in Venezuela
  • The Promise of Music: Gustavo Dudamel: Venezuelan national project establishing the 200-strong Simon Bolivar National Youth Orchestra, assembled from the nation's town and city orchestras. Documentary showing rehearsals and performer portraits preparing for a Beethoven Festival performance in Bonn, Germany.
  • Touch the Sound: Evelyn Glennie, a completely deaf but highly innovative percussionist
  • Japanese swords and swordsmanship
  • Japanese Swords & Swordsmanship: Sources of information about Japanese swords and swordsmanship
  • Art of the Japanese Sword: DVD explaining the forging of a Japanese sword by traditional swordsmiths' methods. English narration with subtitled interviews in Japanese.
  • Art for Children
  • Smore Studio
  • All That Art: Art projects for children's self-expression and learning about life and the world around us.
  • S.F. Peninsula Restaurants
  • Our favorite Bay Area eateries, from family drop-in to "dining experiences"
  • English-Japanese Aikido Lexicon

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